Days Off

Writing this outside on smoke break, at 7:35. Today’s shift was morning, 6:00 AM, so I had to get up at 4:45, or at least set my alarm for 4:45, when I actually got out of bed was something like 5:25, the biggest delay getting […]


12:45 am (actually writing this on 4th of November) Evening shift again, which was nice, it’s very nearly almost like having a day off when you go from a morning shift to an evening shift, or at least, it would be if I you hadn’t […]


Evening shift again, which is good, because when you have two evening shifts in a row, it’s sort of like having a normal job. I guess I should talk about something other than work, but I don’t really have a lot going on. What do […]


11:00 AM, smoke break Morning shift again, slept about 4 hours, getting up at 5:10. I feel weirdly refreshed, that happens every once in a while, but I think I’m just excited to see whether or not Ann comes back in to work, or uh, […]

Still Good

10:45 AM, smoke break/coffee break I like it when I can trade Marvin for a morning shift before my days off, because we both get what we want. I’ll be off for two days! With Ann here, I won’t even feel a little bit guilty […]


7:00 AM Somehow woke up early, must be my good mood invigorating me, and also the cigarette smoke. Diane doesn’t want me to smoke in the house, I don’t either, because even I hate it when things smell like smoke. That’s not the way I […]


1:20 PM There are so many demons, it’s unbelievable. They all want Mountain Do-Good: Code Red, it’s their favorite drink. I called and asked the PepsInc vendor to get me as many as they can for us because it doesn’t seem like they’re going to […]

Forgotten People

9:50 PM I guess I haven’t journaled in two days because things are just too busy, what with the demons, the forgotten people, and all the business we’re doing. I’m not really seeing a lot of national coverage of the events happening here, so I […]